Museum and art storage

Storage solutions

Museum and art storage

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Storage solutions

Museum and art storage

TAB’s museum and art storage solutions help you securely store and access all of your collections, prints, antiquities, specimens, artifacts, and other physical media of any size.

Museums and art galleries house a variety of unique collections that require specific storage solutions. Our storage systems help you store collection items of just about any description, shape, size and weight. Whether your collection consists of archaeological artifacts or rare paintings, we can configure a solution that keeps your collections well protected and easily accessible when needed.

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TAB’s team are experienced at handling the unique storage needs of museums and art galleries. Our storage consultants work with you to develop the best solution that meets all of your needs, including:

  • safe storage and protection of invaluable items
  • ease of access
  • access control and security
  • space efficiency, with compact vertical and horizontal storage
  • versatility and configurability to your needs and workflows
  • art storage racks for hanging framed artwork, both static and mobile storage

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