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Retail storage


Storage solutions

Retail storage

TAB’s versatile retail storage solutions help you store a wide variety of sales inventories, including clothing, boxed items, consumer packaged goods and bulk items.

Our retail and inventory storage solutions are available anywhere you keep an inventory, from the warehouse, to the stockroom, to your in-store shelving.

Whatever retail items you need to store, TAB can configure one of our storage solutions to fit your exact needs. Our high density mobile systems allow you to improve space utilization and access to inventories by narrowing or eliminating aisles and taking full advantage of the available height for additional storage. Our storage systems can all be secured and locked to prevent unwanted access, privacy breaches and theft.

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TAB’s team are experienced at handling the unique storage needs of retail customers. Our retail storage consultants work with you to develop the best solution that meets all of your needs, including:

  • maximized storage capacity
  • minimized storage footprint
  • smaller stockrooms to increase your floor space available for sales
  • improved product visibility
  • easier inventory access by narrowing or eliminating aisles, and using all of the height available
  • security options, allowing you to lock entire cabinets or specific sections
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Running out of room to store inventory, files or other business assets? Get our mobile shelving buyer’s guide.

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