Market-specific storage solutions

Market-specific storage solutions

TAB’s secure, versatile storage solutions serve a wide variety markets and needs, including: government, military, manufacturing, horticulture, retail, museums, and more.

Explore our market-specific storage solutions.

TAB storage design - markets - Military equipment storage on mobile shelving

Military storage

TAB’s military storage solutions serve the complex and demanding needs of a wide variety of military organizations and facilities.

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TAB storage design - markets - Police department evidence storage in bins on mobile shelving system

Public safety storage

TAB’s public safety storage solutions offer a complete answer to the complex needs of organizations in the law enforcement and justice system.

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TAB storage design - markets - High-density mobile shelving system for university library 2

Library storage

TAB’s affordable library storage solutions help you store books, archival items, educational materials, sheet music and more.

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TAB storage desing - markets - art museum special collections stored in mobile shelving

Museum and art storage

TAB’s museum and art storage solutions help you securely store and access all of your collections, prints, antiquities, specimens, artifacts, and other physical media of any size.

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Retail storage

TAB’s versatile retail storage solutions help you store a wide variety of sales inventories, including clothing, boxed items, consumer packaged goods and bulk items.

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Office storage and filing

TAB’s industry-leading office storage and filing solutions help you access information quickly and accurately, addressing the entire document lifecycle, from creation to destruction.

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medical supplies on wire shelving

Healthcare storage

TAB’s affordable healthcare storage solutions provide secure access to patient information, operational files, supplies, medicine, pharmaceuticals, equipment, linens and uniforms.

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TAB storage design - markets - University library storage on high density mobile shelving

Educational storage

TAB’s educational storage solutions provide secure, affordable storage for elementary, secondary and post secondary institutions including colleges, universities and continuing education facilities.

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TAB storage design - markets - box storage and archive shelving

Box and archival storage

TAB’s box and archival storage solutions provide efficient and secure storage for boxed records, inactive records and other archival materials.

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TAB storage design - markets - legal files on high density mobile, minute books storage

Legal storage

TAB’s legal storage solutions help you securely store, access and manage all of your legal documents, including client and matter files, minute books, closing books and more.

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TAB storage design - markets - pharmaceutical life sciences research and development log books storage

Research & development storage

TAB’s R&D storage solutions serve researchers and workers in a variety of industries and markets, including health, bio-pharma, industrial research, and product development.

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