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Legal storage

TAB storage design - markets - legal files on high density mobile, minute books storage

Storage solutions

Legal storage

TAB’s legal storage solutions help you securely store, access and manage all of your legal documents, including client and matter files, case files, minute books, closing books and more.

TAB’s industry-leading solutions help you access information quickly and accurately, addressing the entire document lifecycle, from creation to destruction. Our suite of products includes file folders, labels, fixed shelving, high-density mobile shelving, records management software and more.

With our comprehensive filing and storage solutions, you will reduce storage costs, improve the speed and accuracy of client service, maximize compliance, and minimize the risk of lost or misfiled documents.
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TAB has extensive experience working in the legal industry. Our legal storage consultants work with you to develop the best solution that meets all of your needs, including:

  • maximizing your storage capacity
  • minimizing your storage footprint and costs
  • security and access control
  • improving client service
  • maintaining compliance
Learn how our legal solution helped one law firm locate client files in minutes... rather than days or weeks.

Weekend move offers window of opportunity for full-scale file conversion

Learn how our legal solution helped this Chicago law firm locate client files in minutes rather than days or weeks, transforming their filing system during a weekend file move.

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