Healthcare storage

Storage solutions

Healthcare storage

medical supplies on wire shelving

Storage solutions

Healthcare storage

TAB’s affordable healthcare storage solutions provide secure access to patient information, operational files, supplies, medicine, pharmaceuticals, equipment, linens and uniforms.

Thousands of our healthcare storage solutions are in place across the United States and Canada, serving hospitals, large regional healthcare centers, clinics, doctor’s offices, medical research facilities and more.

Whether you need to protect patient information, maximize storage capacity or increase your operational efficiency, TAB can configure a solution to meet your exact needs. Our high-density mobile shelving solutions are suitable for storing items in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and weights.

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TAB’s team are experienced at handling the unique needs of healthcare storage. Our healthcare storage consultants work with you to develop the best solution that meets all of your needs, including:

  • ensuring privacy, security and compliance
  • improving information access and retrieval
  • saving space and minimizing your storage footprint
  • minimizing storage costs and freeing space for other uses
  • storing a wide variety of items, including archived records, radiology films, multi-media library resources, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, samples, linens and laundry, personal effects, sterile materials, freezer storage and more

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